SINCE 1989


Since 1989


 Gallagher pioneered New Zealand's first electric fencing system in 1938, and has consistently led the  way in quality, innovative animal management systems.  

We are proud distributors for:

MIDWEST FENCE is proud to offer gates handmade right here in Medford, MN.  We can stretch any wire over the gate to match your specific type of fencing.  Gates are one of a kind and come complete with hardware.

Shaver Manufacturing Company is the leading U.S. Manufacturer of fencing equipment, providing state of the art hydraulic post drivers and both hyduralic and PTO driven post hole diggers.  They are commonly used to install posts into the ground for livestock producers, landscapers, nurseries, vineyards, and wherecer fencing is needed.

Not all fencing is equal, that's why BEKAERT offers a variety of American-made fencing products that guarantee superior quality with a longer lasting result.  Above all, BEKAERT remains dedicated to providing you with innovative fencing products and opertational excellence. 

BEKAERT begain manufacturing barbed wire in 1880 to meet the needs of land owners.  Today, BEKAERT is the largest galvanized wire company in the world serving all types of customers.  Van Buren, Arkansas is home to their state of the art galvanized wire and agricultural fencing plant. Van Buren produces their entire line of fencing products.  


Fairbrother Industries Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company established in 1977 by the present James Fairbrother.  The King Hitter is covered by several worldwide patents. With the King Hitter and it's unique patented design, provides "the best compromise" with many more features and options than other post drivers, for the placing of a post into the ground.  King Hitter has a strong commitment to after sales service.  A King Hitter owner is made to feel part of the Fairbrother family.

MIDWEST FENCE is a family owned and operated business and offers a wide variety of fence, post, poles, fencing tools and machinery.  We are known for our expertise in deer and wildlife exclusion as well as game inclusion fence.  Ray Caron purchased Midwest Fence from Tom Wavrin, in 2018.  We continue to work with Tom as he is an expert in the field.  MIDWEST FENCE is one of the suppliers for the Minnesota DNR Wildlife Management Program for Deer Exclusion Fence, and is a member of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association. Agricultural and exclusion fencing is a dynamic market where one solution does not meet all needs.  MIDWEST FENCE is here to help you in selecting the right fence, specific to your needs.